Magnesium Sleep Oil 'Family' Roll-On


Sleep Magnesium roller with pure essential oils. 'Family' sleep magnesium oil roller blend from 1 year to 100!

Sleep Magnesium roller to soothe your Sleep. Magnesium flakes from the dead sea, blended with luxe pure essential oils. Free delivery available. Wellbeing, wellness. Safe natural vegan products.

Connect with the family each night by using this fun and easy roller, just roll on the feet for those under 5 years or the back of the calves for those over 5. 

Create an 'opportunity' to listen to your own thoughts each day, and support your mental wellbeing. This relaxing bedtime routine will set up good habits, a special time you will look forward to each night!

With over half of us being deficient in the mineral magnesium, The Ives - Sleep Magnesium roller makes it easy to get extra in your daily routine.

Magnesium is needed daily, low levels can be linked with;

- Higher stress levels

- Depression & anxiety

- Insomnia & sleep issues

- Headaches & muscle pain

- Fatigue

You might like our Adult spray with concentrated magnesium for over 12 years. 


Magnesium, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Lavender essential oil, Chamomile essential oil.



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