Pillow Spray, Yoga Mat, Essential Oil Room Spray


Sleep well with our handmade pure essential oil sleep spray, spray around bed linen a few minute before going to bed, then just melt into bed and sleep.

Our Sleep spray is great for bedtimes with all natural ingredients, just give it a shake and spray to bring peaceful sleep. Can be used in any room to promote a feeling of calm and peace.

Can be used for yoga mats, as a room spray or workspace mist, just relax wherever you want to with our gorgeous smelling natural spray. 

Essential oils of Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Vanilla.

Sleep better and relax, safe for the whole family.

Handmade with love using pure essential oils that have been shown to support going to and staying asleep. Our vegan formula comes in glass refillable / reusable bottles. A lovely relaxing gift or a little bedtime treat for you.

Aromatherapy pillow sprays are great for the whole family and can be used around the bedding for anyone, it make a lovely ritual and has a calming effect on any age!

Get better natural sleep tonight.

100ml glass bottle, handmade formula made in Stratford Upon Avon, England.

Not to be used on the skin, or on pillow cases, use the sleep spray on top of the duvet cover for best results.

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