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Hello! Welcome to The Ives, home of natural sleep and relaxation.

Take a look at our products and choose your sleep 'tools' - it's so easy to get better sleep when you have the right ingredients.

Our all natural products are hand-made with sleep and calm in mind for you and your whole family.

Our Magnesium blend sleep oils started out being made for my 4 year old when the pandemic first hit. He was never a good sleeper, and when the schools closed, and the world shut down both our anxiety levels climbed.

I looked hard to find a natural science backed solution to help us stay calm and relax, and that's when The Ives 'Dreamer' magnesium sleep oil was first created.

I knew we needed more magnesium at night to help us 'switch off' I tried more magnesium rich food but it was a bit of a non starter... Spinach was not a food hit with our picky eater!

Finding out about the positive effects of transdermal magnesium absorption changed everything, with the magnesium getting straight into the system bypassing the digestion.

Everyone needs to replace the important mineral magnesium daily as its in - and used by every cell of our bodies, but only half of us get enough.

'Natures Valium' is key for sleep, if we do not have enough magnesium we struggle to sleep and wake more often.

This bedtime bonding routine each night is something that we both really love, and I'm so glad that we have this ritual - when there's anything on our minds it has become an opportunity to discuss worries big and small.

This amazing mental health benefit has created an anchor each day, helping in so many ways.

By adding a blend of the best essential oils for sleep, Lavender and Chamomile this increase's the soothing benefits, helping to relax and melt into bed.

We also have a daytime magnesium and essential oil roller for anxiety. Our Anxiety relief 'Day Dreamer' roller is perfect for school bags, handbags and holidays.

Finally, our sleep help gift box's are really popular relaxation gift for friends, mums and daughters all over the globe!

Life is too short for not sleeping well and suffering from anxiety.

Trudy - The Ives


                   Mission and Ethos             

- Vegan
- Handmade small batches in the UK
- Cruelty free
- Glass refillable/ recyclable bottles
- Only 6 natural ingredients used in each product
- Safe from 1 year
- Recycled / recyclable packaging