Magnesium Anxiety & Courage Roller with Pure Essential Oils


Anxious moments? Our magnesium oil & essential oil roller is for calm and relaxation on the go. Soothe wired nerves & give courage with our handbag or school bag 'anxiety & courage' roller. Or take on your travels perfect for travel sickness or the nerves that travel can bring!

Our Magnesium oil is completely natural taken from 2 miles below the earth's crust, the purest form is blended with luxury pure essential oils of either:

- Lavender & Vanilla

- Bergamot & Peppermint

Choose which you prefer or buy the pair and gift one!

Apply to the pulse points, taking time to breathe. Use when courage is needed and anxious moments strike, breath in the aroma, taking 3 big breaths of the oil blend.

Magnesium known as 'Natures Valium' is a vital mineral for our bodies and needs replacing daily.

It can be hard to get your daily dose from foods alone... As well as this, magnesium supplements can cause a laxative effect on the body (great for some!) but if you want to hold onto the magnesium in the product you might want to try our magnesium oil.

To get the most out of this essential oil blend, apply to specific areas like the bottom of your feet, behind your ears, on your temples, and wrists. Feel the soothing effects of the essential oils and drift off into relaxation.

Completely natural, handmade, vegan, and in glass bottles.

You might also be interested in our Anxiety bracelet with Lava stone to roll the oil on, for calming on the go!

Also our Sleep Roller works really well when paired with this daytime anxiety roller. Take a look here.



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