We are so lucky to have been featured by some amazing magazines and also to have won some amazing awards for our handmade sleep products since we started in 2021.

We work really hard to make sure we are listening to customer feedback and creating the best sleep products we can, so it means a lot to be recognised by the media and business's.

When we started making our Magnesium oils for my son when he was 4 years old our passion has only increased after hearing customer reviews and helping so many to sleep...These features and awards just make us even more passionate!

Here's a list of some of the Awards and features we have had!


Stylist magazine - 30 things to treasure, our sleep oil featured 6th on this list!

'The Sun' table top entrepreneur winner.

BBC radio London - invited to talk about sleep 

Living Magazine - feature about our products for world sleep day.

Creative Magazine - featured in the Christmas gift guide.

Won 'Modern Makers' award for the Wellbeing Category.

Won an award from the 'beauty shortlist' in the Self care Category

'The Ives' came 10th in the top Mental Health companies of 2021

The Ives won awards for sleep products and featured in the press, logos from Stylist magazine, BBC radio, The Sun Newspaper, Modern makers award winners