Magnesium deficiency list on paper of bullet point to help calm and relax, sleep
Magnesium is a mineral that supports over 600 reactions in our body's . Every cell contains magnesium and each needs it to function.
This is why we are such huge fans of this underrated natural mineral, and its why its in all of our oils!
Studies show that more than half us are magnesium deficient, and its hard to get the magnesium we all need daily from diet alone.
Magnesium comes in many forms, but over farming of land has reduced the amount held in food, you would need to eat roughly 11 bananas or 3 cups of spinach each and every day to keep up your requirements.
Magnesium tablets offer a good support but less than 40% of the magnesium gets absorbed due to the laxative effect of the magnesium on the digestive system. With some people only keeping less than 20% due to their physical state. Factors like stress, exercise, sugar and age can all deplete our levels.
The transdermal via the skin route, can get into the body within 30 minutes right at a point you need it. Without you or your family having to swallow pills.
What is Magnesium good for? Well Magnesium is needed for:
- Nervous system regulation
- Energy creation
- Muscle movement
- Protein formation
- Gene maintenance
There are over 12,000 studies (and counting) into magnesium, it helps us with depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, PMS, migraines, diabetes, chronic disease… and more. Magnesium for sleep is just one of the many benefits of using our oils!
There are studies that show the link between magnesium, depression and anxiety, with trials conducted that show patients have had huge positive effects from a higher magnesium intake.
Our Magnesium sleep spray is great for restless legs syndrome, insomnia in adults and all sorts of aches and pains... Magnesium for sleep will support you to get a deeper more restful sleep.