Magnesium Oil Spray can have so many benefits and they are so easy to use.

When my son could not sleep at the start of the pandemic, I started on a journey to find a natural, healthy bedtime routine that would help him sleep and also would encourage him to talk to me about his feelings... That's when our magnesium oil spray was born!

Children need a connection at bedtime in order to feel safe and able to switch off, when I started making my magnesium oil spray for his sleep, it was perfect that it needed to be massaged into his feet. This created a bedtime bonding routine that meant we shared a few minutes each night to talk about his day, and anything he wanted to talk over - from which was the best dinosaur to falling over in the playground.

Magnesium oil spray for sleep

In fact, it's a great bedtime bonding routine for anyone, spending time with your own thoughts while giving yourself a massage of the calves or tummy is a lovely way to end the day.

We here at The Ives see our magnesium oil sprays as a mental health product as well as a physical health product. The two are intrinsically linked, with the magnesium oil getting to work while you breath in the pure essential oils and spend some time talking or listening...

A magnesium oil spray is a great way to use 'natures valium' as an all-round holistic helper. Completely natural and taken for 2 miles under the earth's crust it's just a wonder of a mineral! 

Take a look at our blog posts and other pages for all the health benefits of magnesium sprays.

So, get your magnesium spray and spray some soothing help onto your skin tonight. Enjoy a deeper night's sleep.

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