Sleep Spray, Restless Adult blend


Magnesium Spray for sleep with essential oils of frankincense, Ylang ylang Chamomile, sleep better naturally with our handmade pure magnesium oil blend. Rest easier with our sleep spray for the body at bedtime or after bathing.

Magnesium known as 'Natures Valium' soothes, relaxes  and calm's giving you a lovely natural ritual to support soothe your sleep.

Magnesium is in every cell of our bodies and needs to be replaced daily, our natural pure magnesium comes from 2 miles under the earths crust and is warmed by water which pushes it naturally to the surface, with no mining and as little damage to the earth as possible. 

With more than half of us not getting our daily Magnesium requirements it's easy to see why we need an easy and effective way to increase our and the whole family's levels.

Low levels of magnesium are linked with:

- Insomnia / sleep issues
- Higher stress levels
- Depression & Anxiety
- Headaches & Muscle pain
- Fatigue
Just spray 10 sprays around the calves or tummy area at bedtime for maximin benefit on sleep. Soothes restless leg syndrome and calms the muscles for sleep.
Handmade, natural, vegan, cruelty free & in glass bottles for re-use.
Get better sleep tonight! 🧡
Magnesium, sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Chamomile essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil




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