Anxiety relief, try Magnesium!

Can Magnesium reduce your anxiety levels?
Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders and effects millions of people all over the world. There is no single cause for anxiety, but research continues to find new methods of helping people to reduce anxiety levels.
Magnesium can help play a huge part in reducing your anxiety levels as it fuels the brain functions that reduce stress. It is believed to affect a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which helps regulate the pituitary and adrenal glands. These glands are responsible for your response to stress. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people today have Magnesium deficiency.
Where do we get magnesium from?
Food– magnesium rich foods such as dark chocolate, avocados, nuts, leafy greens. These all contain magnesium, but it’s a hard task to get your daily needs from food alone. Our soil has been depleted by farming the same fields over again, so there is much less in the food eaten today. You would have to eat huge amounts to get your daily needs... and don’t mention getting children to eat leafy greens!
Supplements– Magnesium supplements are available across lots of retailers, but we are not able to assimilate all that is ingested. With roughly 50% of the intake leaving the body as waste. With some individuals with factors such as stress which depletes your reserves or certain diseases, only taking onboard between 4 – 20%!
Oils – Transdermal (via the skin) magnesium works to deliver what we need in the same way as using nicotine patches or birth control hormone patch's.
The advantages are huge, it bypasses the digestive tract avoiding irritation and diarrhoea. Its easy and convenient and promotes self care and mindfulness. Its great for those that do not like taking pills, and its perfect for children as they love the routine and bonding time!
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