Menopause Spray Now Stocked at Newson Health

We are very proud and excited to announce that our menopause spray - 'Woman Kind' is now stocked in clinic at Newson Health. The prestigious centre of excellence and largest menopause clinic in the world! 🌍 

Dr. Louise Newson, renouned menopause specialist, author and founder of 'Balance' a free menopause app & The Menopause Charity will be stocking our 'Woman Kind' magnesium Spray in clinic!
To have our 'Woman Kind' Spray endorsed by Newson Health is just fabulous! 
Woman kind Spray is specifically designed to offer support for menopause symptoms.
- Magnesium for aches, pains, strong bones, sleep, depression, high blood pressure, restless legs, cramp and more.
- Clary sage essential oil to cool hot flashes and balance hormones.
- Lavender essential oil for sleep, insomnia, anxiety and red flushes.
Just spray on at bedtime or after showering / bathing. massage into the calves and tummy to get maximum benefit and relax. 
Say hello to sleep and calmer days!
Just £16.99 - handmade in small batches, with only natural ingredients, no fillers or binders.
Vegan, cruelty free and in glass reusable bottles.
Click here to take a look and fond out more info.
The Ives 🧡