Coffee for sleep?

We love coffee here at THE IVES especially first thing in the morning. This picture is just lovely, oh what a view with a brew. But as we all know, caffeine can be the enemy of sleep.
The time it takes for caffeine levels to drop by 50% is around 5 hours.
Meaning there is still 50% left in your system after 10 to 15 hours.
So if you are struggling with sleep?
Try cutting out caffeine from noon!
Hold on just a second, what about decaf I hear you say? Well this is certainly our preferred option, there are a lot of good decafs out there now.
Here's a list of really great decaf coffee just in case you fancy tying something new!
For the best decaf beans - have done a review of the current market and we have listed their top 2 here:
"With speciality coffee taking off in the last years, gone are the days of settling for foot sole tasting decaf options." 
1. Caravan Coffee has maintained a longstanding relationship with the El Carmen cooperative in Colombia, which allows them access to this impressive decaf. The co-op sources arabica beans of the Caturra and Castillo varieties from over 300 small farmers across the famous Huila growing area to make this flavourful brew. (Used at 'The Savoy' no less)
2.Marley coffee - The Simmer Down decaf is one of their organic blends, that’s complemented by the chemical-free Swiss Water Process. As you might expect from the name, it’s blended for a low-key flavour profile, with gentle, warming notes of cocoa and spices (sounds amazing for a Boxing day treat!)
Or if you fancy ground or Instant then there are a few below for you:
The Daily Expresso put Taylors of Harrogate ground decaf in the top spot "These beans have been decaffeinated using a natural water method and then roasted to produce a smooth taste with a hint of caramel, toffee and nut. Roast 4 makes it nice and strong for use in a cafeteair where the strong flavours emerge – just without the buzz afterwards."
Followed by the best instant decaf Kenco Americano - "smooth and balanced, with a mix of freeze-dried instant coffee and roasted ground coffee to give you a bit more of a coffee boost than you’d find with ordinary instant."
"A lot of reviews describe it as the best instant decaf coffee on the market, and there are remarks saying that they don’t even notice the difference versus the caffeinated stuff, which is great news for anybody making the switch who still wants the proper flavour."
So there you go, from Coffee beans, ground to instant we are sure there is a winner there for you, why not give it a try!
We have lots of tips for #bettersleep on our website, with a few Blog posts to look at on top tips for sleep, and of course our sleep magnesium products!
Sleep well!