Fathers day - don't forget dad!

Fathers day gifts can be hard to find, but even the dads in our life need a little self care.

Our Adult Restless Roller makes a perfect gift for the men in your life as its convenient, easy to use and gives magnesium to help with sleep, restless legs, lowering blood pressure and more..

See our list below with some of the helpful ways it helps our body and mind:

Magnesium helps develop stronger muscles - Among the 300+ activities that magnesium is involved in are (1) playing a key role in the production of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which you need to muscle growth and strength; and (2) being an integral part of the production of ATP, which fuels your cells.

Magnesium improves bone strength and integrity - greater intake of magnesium is significantly related to greater bone mass density.

Magnesium boosts levels of free testosterone - men who took magnesium supplements (10 mg/kg body weight) daily for four weeks experienced a rise in both free and total testosterone levels.

Magnesium enhances exercise recovery and performance - A decline in magnesium levels can impair your exercise performance and exacerbate the negative impact of strenuous exercise, including slow recovery times and risk of injury. In fact, engaging in vigorous exercise can increase your need for magnesium by 10 to 20 percent.

Magnesium helps you sleep better - The hormone melatonin plays a major role in the sleep/wake cycle, and magnesium is necessary for melatonin to function properly and thus facilitate sleep.

Magnesium helps balance mood - Too little of the mineral can result in a drop in levels of serotonin and, as a result, contribute to depression, according to a study from the Medical University of Vienna.

Magnesium helps prevent diabetes - One of magnesium’s many tasks is to boost secretion of insulin, which in turn helps control blood glucose levels.

Magnesium supports cardiovascular health - has been shown to help reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of stroke and sudden cardiac death.

Magnesium supports oral health - Maintaining an adequate intake of magnesium is especially important because it is responsible for the hardness of the enamel on your teeth.

That's an impressive list!

Combined in our Adult Restless Roller with essential oils of Frankincense for inflammation and pain along with Vetiver - Vetiver oil increased the quality of exhalation and decreased inhalation when sleeping study participants detected it. This could mean vetiver oil could help people who snore heavily. Vetiver oil may also help you if you experience anxiety

Fathers day is time for us to show we care so show them you do with the Adult Restless Roller for just £14.99!

The Ives 🧡