How to Stay asleep for longer?

Sleep can often evade us and if your one of the quarter of people who say they wake up in the night and struggle to go back, it can be really frustrating. Disturbed or lack of sleep can impact mental health, weight, ability to cope in the day and can have all sorts of physical issues.
The cause behind your night time awakenings could be as simple as poor sleep habits. Following an irregular sleep schedule makes it tough for your brain to know when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to be awake.
Eating too much late at night, drinking alcohol or caffeine, or smoking can all activate your body and make it difficult to stay asleep. Nicotine and caffeine are both stimulants that interfere with restful sleep, while the sedative effects of alcohol wear off in the middle of the night, causing you to wake up early. Using electronics or engaging in intense exercise at night similarly wakes up the body, energizing you at a time you want to fall asleep.
Lastly, a poor sleep environment could be at fault for your restless sleep. Sleeping somewhere too noisy or warm can trick your brain into waking up instead of staying asleep.
Here are some ways you can sleep better and wake up less!
One change you can make each day is to get outside before noon. This works as daylight is the control for our day and night cycles. This resets our body clock to help restore our natural sleep / wake routine.
Quit caffeine after lunch, caffeine stays in the body for up to 12 hours so you need to make sure you are not having any before you want to go to sleep.
The blue light emitted by electronics looks a lot like sunlight to your brain. As a result, late-night electronic use can prevent your brain from feeling tired when it should. Avoid using electronics one to two hours before bed — and remove them from your bedroom.
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Happy sleeping!