Living Magazine feature 'The Ives' for World Sleep Day 2022

Living Magazine featured 'The Ives' story and products ahead of World Sleep day on Friday 18th of March 2022.

The article told 'The Ives' story of why we started and showcased some of our products tested by the author.  "The Ives, a range of oils to help you sleep better. Founder Trudy Armel explains: “I started making the sleep oil when my son was four years old and was really struggling with sleep and anxiety. I wanted a way to connect with him each day and to help his sleep. I only wanted natural help and started to read about the science of sleep. I found that magnesium is contained in every cell of our bodies and is a key component in sleep, yet less than half of us get enough daily. I combined this knowledge with my love of essential oils to create a formula that is massaged into the skin at bedtime. Giving us a few minutes each night to connect, talk and create a safe space for feelings. It worked so well and stopped him from waking in the night that I just had to make a more concentrated version for me!

The Author goes on to say ” Having tried the family blend myself, I loved it. I used the roller on my son as he struggles to sleep and it really did help. It has a large roller-ball which was easy to apply and I have to say that I love it.

The Ives sleep relaxation massage oils with magnesium and essential oils, handmade and natural in blue glass bottle picture showing using the dropper bottle on a child's foot to massage in for a better natural sleep. The Ives sleep productsLiving Magazine feature The Ives sleep products for world seep day, Living magazine front cover with a model wearing a bright summer dressThe Ives better natural sleep magnesium for sleep oils, article in Living Magazine showing a bed with natural light and gold cover over the top

For World Sleep Day 2022, the theme and slogan is Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World. How does quality sleep help maintain mental health? How might better sleep help people focus during the day? Or how might fatigue weigh us down physically, mentally, and emotionally? World Sleep Day in 2021 had over 200 activities around the world to promote sleep and bring its importance to as many people as it can.

Why don't you join in this year and do an activity in your community to promote sleep?

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