Magnesium is essential!

We here at The Ives are big fans of Magnesium, it's not surprising it's an ingredient in ALL our Dreamer products.
The vast majority of people today are not getting enough Magnesium daily. Our soil has been depleted for so long, our food is too and most people do not get enough in their diet. It's also not in our water as much anymore. Not to mention, many things such as stress and sugar consumption can easily deplete our stores. Children need 100 mg and adults need 300 - 450 mg each and every day. To just get 100 mg from food, children would need to eat roughly 11 bananas or 3 cups of Spinach each and every day!
Magnesium is very important for a myriad of functions, it supports 600 reactions in our bodies:
That’s a pretty wide and varied list, isn’t it? I thought it was pretty amazing. It makes sense that if we are deficient, many things can go wrong.