Magnesium Spray

Our Magnesium Sprays are made only using natural ingredients of magnesium, distilled pure water and pure essential oils. We make two magnesium sprays:

- 'Dreamer' magnesium spray 

- 'Woman Kind' Magnesium spray

So what's the difference we hear you ask?

'Dreamer' magnesium spray is aimed at anyone who can't sleep from teenagers to Nana. It has a high concentration of pure magnesium oil, as well as benefitting from sunflower seed oil and the best essential oils for sleep to make the magnesium soak into the skin more effectively.

By using the magnesium spray directly onto the skin at nighttime you massage in the oils and also smell the luxury aroma. We use Frankincense and Ylang ylang in our Dreamer magnesium sprays as these two are very helpful in relaxing the body. Ylang ylang is known as a mild sedative so also supports a deeper sleep. The Frankincense is a brilliant allrounder but can help with inflammation and pian so it can be perfect for men & women after the gym or anyone with aches and pains such as a knee injury. Just spray directly onto the painful area and massage in. We have had so much feedback that this works to ease pain in a very short time!

Woman Kind has been developed as a magnesium spray for women suffering in peri-menopause and menopause. Magnesium has been shown to support:

Hot Flashes

Research on magnesium and hot flashes is in early stages and the results are mixed. One study showed a large reduction in hot flashes, while another study did not. This may be something for you to try on your own if it is safe for you to take magnesium or simply increase your intake of magnesium rich foods.

Bone density

Magnesium helps with calcium absorption and vitamin D usage. This makes it essential for bone health. If you are taking a calcium supplement, then added magnesium will help to absorb the calcium so it ends up in your bones. 
On the other hand, elevated levels of magnesium may not be healthy for bones so be careful with over supplementing.

Better insulin sensitivity

Magnesium supplements have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Women whose diets that are higher in magnesium have a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Heart Health

Magnesium has been shown to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure and has been shown to reduce risk of other heart disease and of strokes. There is a possibility that other minerals found in foods with magnesium are the real cause of the benefits.

Reduced Anxiety

People who took a magnesium supplement reported lower levels of anxiety in one study. Magnesium may help with areas of the brain that control your response to stress.

Improved sleep

Some women report better sleep when taking a magnesium supplement.

Premenstrual syndrome

Some of the worst PMS that women get is during peri menopause. Magnesium has been shown to reduce premenstrual syndrome

Who is at risk for lower magnesium levels?

Women may be ask for lower magnesium levels if they have a diet low in magnesium rich foods. As we get older is becomes more difficult to absorb magnesium. If you have diabetes that can lower your ability to absorb magnesium. Gastrointestinal issues can cause magnesium to be depleted. Alcoholism is also associated with low magnesium levels.

What are the other benefits of a magnesium spray?

How magnesium sprays work

  • A quick way to replenish your body’s magnesium
  • Can be used on the move
  • Helps bones absorb calcium
  • Relieves muscle tension and speeds up recovery time
  • Allows for a restful sleep

All handmade in Stratford Upon Avon using the best natural ingredients packed in glass reusable bottles.

Take a look at our two magnesium sprays here.