Menopause Spray - The Ives

New! Menopause spray, created with Peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause in mind.

Magnesium and essential oils of Clary Sage for hot flashes and Lavender for anxiety, insomnia and calm.

No woman should have to unnecessarily suffer through the pains of menopause. With this conviction in mind, The Ives is unveiling their new product: a natural spray designed to alleviate symptoms of menopause through transdermal administration of the mineral magnesium, artfully hand blended with a mixture of essential oils.
Trudy, founder and owner of The Ives, said she created this spray with the goal of making a natural pain management product specifically aimed at people experiencing negative peri-menopause and menopause side effects. As a woman within that demographic herself, Trudy laments that “The support out there is not good enough; I wanted to help women with their long term health as well as support menopause symptoms now when it’s most needed."
The spray’s star ingredient is magnesium. Magnesium plays a large role in maintaining organ systems within our body, such as our circulatory and skeletal systems. As such, featuring magnesium in this product is meant to improve the user’s quality of sleep, strengthen their bones and reduce restless legs, alongside lowering anxiety levels. Meanwhile, two particular essential oils play key roles in the spray’s efficacy: clary sage targets the treatment of hot flashes, while lavender’s calming properties work wonders for anxiety and red flushes.
Despite being such an important element to our overall health, reports have suggested that more than half of the population is not getting sufficient amounts of a person’s daily magnesium requirements. This spray seeks to directly address that issue by introducing a larger magnesium intake without disrupting one’s diet, as the application process is simple and easily incorporated into self-care routines. The user simply needs to massage the spray into their calves and stomach every night to give themselves a major magnesium boost.
The Ives keeps their commitments to their values intimate, this menopause spray is the newest addition to their line of natural, vegan, hand-made products. Packed in recyclable glassware and made in small batches, the company has gained acknowledgement for their work, clinching the 2022 Modern Maker Award in the Wellbeing category."