Menopause symptoms and Perimenopause relief

Perimenopause comes to us women at some point and if like me, you missed the lesson on what perimenopause symptoms are and how to support symptoms of menopause then read on.

Dr Heather Currie, consultant gynecologist and Chairman of the British Menopause Society explains: 'Although the average age of the menopause – a final period - is 51, the transition can last a number of years, starting in a woman's early forties. Symptoms of menopause can include:

Memory lapses - being forgetful

Poor concentration

Sleep disorders – being unable to sleep or waking up several times a night

Fatigue – feeling unusually tired

Loss of libido

Mood swings



Loss of confidence

Panic disorder


Vaginal dryness – soreness, vulnerability to infections, pain during sex

Incontinence – stress incontinence or urgency

Joint pain or general aches and pains

Cyclical breast pain

Digestive changes – constipation or diarrhoea


New allergies

Brittle nails

Drier skin

Hair loss

Itching skin

Palpitations – fluttering heart beat

Weight gain around the tummy


What can and should you do if you are experiencing these symptoms? The first is lifestyle changes. Now is the time to focus on a healthy diet and exercise. Alcohol especially is known to increase physical symptoms like hot flushes and may contribute to insomnia. Other self-help measures such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness may help.

HRT is the go to support today for women experiencing Menopause symptoms, so if you have the above then go get checked out and keep in mind that this journey only makes us stronger! 

Here at the Ives we have made a product to also support at this stage which contains magnesium oil to be massaged into the skin.

Magnesium is fast becoming a bedtime routine for many women suffering with menopause symptoms as it calms the central nervous system and can help with mood, anxiety, restless legs, sleep, headaches and more.

Our menopause support spray 'Women Kind' has been designed to soothe and calm with magnesium and essential oils of Lavender and Clary Sage, for hot flushes and anxiety.

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