The Ives on BBC Radio - Sleep

We were so incredibly proud to speak on BBC Radio London regarding sleep. it was great to hear the listeners problems when it comes to sleep issues and that our own experience with not sleeping and having children that don't sleep really resonated with many others.
Its really hard when you struggle to sleep yourself but add to that Children that don't sleep and you have a recipe for emotional distress, mental health issues and much more.
Our radio experience taught us that there are so many out there that just think that bad sleep is part of life, and that there is nothing they can do.
THE IVES believes that there really are things that we can all do to improve sleep and that the knock on effects of this improvement can be felt by all the family to improve the mental health of children massively.
Too often Children are turning up to school really tired and find it hard to concentrate and emotional regulate themselves. They then get home more tired and emotional, often family's don't understand how important sleep can be for the whole family.
Our Blog post about How to sleep better has some tips to make life more sleepy so take a look for some support.
Of course our magnesium products are made for children and adults to say 'Hello to sleep' and get a more peaceful restful night. There's lots of research for the benefits of magnesium over 12000 studies on 'Pubmed' currently and counting! So take a look for yourself and get you and your family's levels of sleep topped up!
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