Tips to improve sleep

Here are a few of our favourite tips to improve your sleep.

1. At The Ives we are big fans of getting out into the sunlight before noon. It resets our internal body clock giving a structure to your day. Also exercise outdoors can greatly help get us to move out of our heads, and into our body more, to relax and calm without all the thoughts of the day running around. The more concentration that you have to make on what you are doing the better so something with certain moves like yoga or dance are brilliant. 

2. Mindset, our brains believe what we tell them, if we believe we are bad at sleeping then we will be. The same with our children, if we start to tell ourselves we are learning but sleep much better now, and we can do this, we are able, often we sleep just that bit better.

3. Phones! Don't use your phone as an alarm, I was guilty of this and it's such a bad idea as you can never truly switch off. Plus my son would come into the bedroom in the morning and see my phone and ask to play a game... and so it starts... Leave your phone downstairs when you go up to bed or in the kitchen etc. You will find after the first night it is so much nicer. Its like leaving all your worries behind!

4. Move clocks away - by waking up and looking at the time each night we are encouraging our bodies to wake up at that same time each night. Move the clock away from the bed so you can't see it, maybe even out the door. When you wake at that same old time each night you won't know what time it is and you will start to sleep through.

5. Cool quiet and dark. If you can, use a sleep mask and ear plugs, you will find you get such a nice long sleep and feel so much more refreshed when you wake.

6. Magnesium at bedtime, of course we would say this but this is what our whole business is built around. That few minutes before bed, the routine of self care by massaging the magnesium oil and giving ourselves a moment to reflect. This will really help each night to get you ready for sleep while the magnesium will sooth...

Happy Seeping!

The Ives