Top mental health companies! The Ives

We are so proud here at THE IVES to have been placed 10th in the top 21 Mental Health companies of 2021.
When we first started making our award winning 'Dreamer' it was to help our son with anxiety and sleep issues.
By connecting each night with a massage and a talk, it created a daily 'opportunity' for him to be able to say what was happening in his world.
Young minds say that by creating an 'opportunity' for children to talk we give them the ability to talk to us about their feelings. This is key to help anxiety and helps foster connection.
THE IVES is built on this principle of greater bedtime bonding, we see our oil as 'bottled bonding' all while the magnesium and essential oils soak in to give a deeper more peaceful sleep.
Our oils have a Mental health aspect, as well as the Physical health side of boosting levels of the important natural mineral Magnesium.
Lack of magnesium is linked with:
- High stress / anxiety
- Sleep issues
- Fatigue
- Cramps / restless legs
- Migraines
And much more!
Our oil is a great way of topping up levels and giving a boost right when its needed at bedtime.
'Dreamer' restless adult blend is great for you too, a daily dose of self-care at bedtime. Melt into bed for more peaceful sleep each night. Its perfect for busy mums and dads, as well as couples to spend a little time with each other.
Jessica Baumgardner writes here about how its her nightly ritual and how it helps.
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