Menopause Support Anxiety Duo - 'Woman Kind' & Anxiety Pulse Point Roller - Set

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Magnesium for Menopause!

Woman Kind spray + Anxiety Pulse Point Roller Set, a perfect duo - a gift to you or a friend!

From PMS to anxiety and sleep to metabolism, this mighty mineral has a big impact on your hormonal health. Magnesium is one busy mineral – we need it to carry out around 300 essential functions in our body, many of which have an impact on our hormones.

'Woman Kind' is our New Menopause Magnesium spray aimed at any woman starting the Peri-menopause or in the Menopause.

Magnesium and Clary Sage as well as Lavender make this a perfect combination to soothe hot flushes, ease tempers, soothe anxiety and sleep while keep bones strong.

Made with you (and me) in mind, handmade, vegan, natural and reusable bottles.

Just spray on morning or night after a shower / bath or before bed. Massage in to the calves, soles of the feet, hips or tummy. In fact just about anywhere that you wish - the back of the neck is great for hot flashes!

Keep away from eyes and cuts or dry skin as it will sting! Wipe off hand after use. If you wish you can wipe off or wash off the oil after 30 mins as it will have soaked into the skin.

Anxiety Pulse Point Roller for handbags and schoolbags, just roll on when anxiety strikes to the wrists. Breathe in the pure essential oils and let the magnesium take its effect!

The Ives 🧡


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