Silver Star & Moon Aromatherapy Necklace


Essential oil necklace - Silver star, moon & Lava stone

Simple and delicate hand-made moon, star and lava stone necklace, perfect gift or treat for yourself!

Sterling silver moon, star and chain, add 2 drops of your own essential oil blend to the lava stone and the aroma will be released when warmed by the skin. Giving all the healing and uplifting benefits of essential oils.

A crescent moon can symbolise new beginnings, if you want to live with a sense of abundance, plant those seeds with the new moon. 

In Greek mythology, the crescent moon is said to represent Selene, the feminine moon goddess and symbolises female empowerment.

The moon also represents fertility and regeneration. Women wishing to conceive would pray to the moon goddess Selene to help them bring new life into the world.

In Chinese philosophy the moon is the yin to the sun’s yang, showing how the female moon and the male sun can perfectly balance each other despite being opposites.

There is so much symbolism around the moon it makes a lovely mindful present.

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