Magnesium Spray & Anxiety Roller Gift Set

£24.99 £25.98

Magnesium spray soothe sleep, restless legs, jumpy, twitchy legs achy legs at night blended with essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Frankincense. Luxury pure aromatherapy blended oils with magnesium oil, a perfect bedtime routine for sleep.

Get your Magnesium spray along with day time 'pulse point roller' for courage when anxiety strikes. Magnesium and essential oils blend to put in handbags or schoolbags.

Magnesium is in and is needed by every cell of our bodies. With more than half of us not getting our daily requirements it's easy to see why we need an easy and effective way to boost our levels.

This gift set will melt you into bed, soothe sleep and the pulse point roller is to use alongside the spay in the daytime when its needed. Providing some extra courage when anxiety strikes.
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