Anxiety Bracelet - Sacred Arrow



Use the Roller ball to add aromatherapy to the lava beads or use your own essential oils to have some aromatherapy benefit with you all day.

Lava Beads are made from Natural Volcanic Basalt. The lava stones acts as a sponge-like carrier as it soaks up your oils and retains them in the core of the Bead.

The sacred arrow symbol gives spiritual strength and courage.

The Sacred Arrow Diffuser Bracelet includes Lava Stone beads and Hematite arrow beads, both of which can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Hematite is a grounding, protective stone that absorbs negative energy while also promoting balance and harmony, which makes it ideal for combating anxiety.

17cm - 19cm stretchy bracelet. 8mm lava stones.


Color: Gold

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