Sleep & Calm Roller Gift Set

£22.99 £23.98

Say goodbye to insomnia! 

Help those restless legs stay oh so still and finally get some sleep ūüß°

Without magnesium, we have trouble sleeping, can get migraines, struggle emotionally with anxiety, get restless leg syndrome, and all sorts of other ailments. 

Sleep & Relax gift set - 2 rollers, one for bedtime and one for day time! Help soothe your sleep and support calm and relaxation when a little extra courage is needed.

Large roller ball - Family Magnesium & essential oil bedtime blend for the whole family to use, jumpy, painful & achy legs be gone with our easy to use roller, your self-care at bedtime.

'Day Dreamer' - pulse point roller for handbags & schoolbags to give courage when anxiety strikes, with magnesium and essential oils.

Magnesium known as 'natures Valium' is a vital mineral for everyone and it needs replacing each day, get yours easily with our sleep, soothe and calm gift set

This is the adult gift set with concentrated adult large sleep bedtime roller, and pulse point roller - gift set for over 12 years.

Save - by buying these two sleep and calm rollers together!

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