Sleep Gift Set - Family

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Sleep gift set - all our best sellers to help your loved one relax, keep calm and drift off into a deep restful sleep! Magnesium oil and essential oil blends for Sleep, restless legs and anxiety relief.

*Restless sleep Adult roller - just roll on to calves and let the formula get to work for a deeper more restful sleep. Can also be used on jumpy restless legs to soothe and relax.

*Magnesium sleep, Children's dropper - safe form 1 year with magnesium and essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile. Share a little massage at bedtime and watch them relax, calm and drift off!

*Anxiety relief handbag roller - Perfect for on the go courage, roll on pulse points when anxiety strikes. Magnesium oil blend with essential oils of Lavender and vanilla.

Just £29.99 save nearly 20% by buying as a gift set. Treat yourself and the ones you love!

These 3 products all contain our essential oil and magnesium blends, as the magnesium soaks into the skin and gets into the body to calm the essential oils soothe and go straight to the brain. 

Magnesium known as 'Natures Valium' is contained in every cell of our bodies and is needed to be replaced daily. It can be hard to get this with food alone so getting your magnesium boost right when its needed at bedtime is key to a better natural sleep. 

With more than half of us not getting our daily requirements it's easy to see why we need an easy and effective way to increase our and our children's levels.

Low levels of magnesium are linked with:

- Higher stress levels
- Depression & Anxiety
- Insomnia / sleep issues
- Headaches & Muscle pain
- Fatigue

The Magnesium we use is taken from 2 miles under the earths crust so its a very pure form, no laboratories or chemicals used here... 

Get better sleep tonight!

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