Magnesium Benefits

Magnesium has so many benefits for us, and as an essential mineral not nearly enough of us are getting our daily 300mg dose. Read more on magnesium benefits below.

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Magnesium Benefits you need to know, magnesium may:

Help Sleep - As we age, we experience changes in our sleep patterns. A study looking at the effect of magnesium on a group of 60-80 year olds suggests the mineral may help reverse these changes. For the rest of us, magnesium may also be a useful sleep aid, because it helps calm the nervous system, creating a calm and relaxed disposition. Another study observed the effects of magnesium on 46 subjects over the course of 8 weeks. Those who were given magnesium supplements experienced significant improvements in terms of sleep duration and getting to sleep quickly. Magnesium played an important role in balancing the hormones responsible for sleep. Those who took the magnesium had higher levels of melotonin and less cortisol in their systems than the subjects who took the placebo. 

Alleviate premenstrual syndrome, for many women of reproductive age, the strains of cyclical anxiety, stress, mood swings and bloating as well as migraines have a significant impact on quality of life. Interesting studies suggest magnesium alone and in combination with vitamin B6 may help alleviate some of these symptoms.

Helps with depression and anxiety, Magnesium has been shown to have a mood improving effect with benefits achieved both with or without the use of antidepressant medication.

Many experts believe that there is a correlation between magnesium deficiency and ADHD. They feel that the deficiencies experienced by children today are mainly due to two factors – poor nutrition and increased levels of stress.

Magnesium benefits us as one of the jobs it does is to relax the mind and body. Our bodies use it to send messages through the nervous system which is especially important in calming the nerves of children with ADD or ADHD. When children have sufficient magnesium in their body, they can focus more easily and think more clearly. Magnesium is also essential to serotonin production and serotonin is essential to calmness and wellbeing. It is also important to relax the body physically. It helps relax muscle fibers and prevent spasms or twitches. 

Protects against osteoporosis and strengthens bones, a number of studies have reported positive links between bone density and magnesium in both men and women. This is because magnesium is involved in bone formation through its influence on bone turnover, as well as its role in potentiating vitamin D. Adequate magnesium may also play a part in keeping our muscles strong and healthy.

More Magnesium Benefits:

Lower blood pressure, for those with hypertension, magnesium may help regulate blood pressure. There are also wider cardiovascular benefits, with higher magnesium intakes linked with reducing the risk of strokes.

Researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between magnesium and vitamin D. A magnesium deficiency can affect the way in which vitamin D works.

According to experts, the benefits of vitamin D are undermined significantly when people are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is essential to the way in which vitamin D acts in the body so it is important that it is not overlooked. This is important since vitamin D deficiency is linked to many diseases including various cancers, arthritis, osteoporosis and mental illness.

Other aspects can affect how efficiently we absorb magnesium. These include high intakes of caffeine, sugar and zinc supplements. As well as how much we go to the toilet each day and how much we sweat during exercise.

Although magnesium is in lots of food, it can be hard to get your daily requirements. With reports of low magnesium in national surveys especially in young adults, it's time to make sure you are eating well and if you are not getting enough via food, getting some extra socks.

Magnesium benefits are more than just the information on this page, we have feedback from so many people that have had their restless legs syndrome get much better with just a few nights using our magnesium spray and rollers.

In Summary Magnesium benefits are numerous for the whole family, so make sure you are getting your daily dose via food and topping up levels by using supplements or our magnesium spray or roller products.

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Before you supplement you should be aware that certain medications may interact with magnesium or affect magnesium status so it is vital you speak with your GP before taking a supplement.