Magnesium Spray for Sleep

Magnesium Spray for sleep is fast becoming a part of lots of people's daily regimes. Magnesium oil sprays come in many forms, but their nature is the same, spray on and massage in after a shower, bath or before bed to help you fall into a deeper slumber.

The magnesium soaks in via the skins pores and get to work quickly - by passing the digestive system altogether so the magnesium can be used by the body straight away, rather than some of the precious magnesium being flushed out of the body - as it can have a laxative effect on our gut.

The Sleep Foundation have lots of useful information regarding how to sleep better and also the use of magnesium Using Magnesium for Better Sleep | Sleep Foundation 

There are many ways to use a magnesium spray for seep, you can spray on shoulders, tummy, backs, calves inf act anywhere you like but as magnesium is a form of salt its best to stay away from dry or chapped skin as it really will sting! 

The Ives magnesium spray oil is blended with essential oils to support the sleep-inducing properties. These essential oils are absorbed with the magnesium and will also be breathed in when massaging into the skin. 

The routine of a magnesium sleep spray used at nighttime will also create a ritual of self-care, you will benefit from the time each day spent investing in your own health and well-being. say that "People can massage their body with the oil or use it in baths or spray form. The oil has a relaxing effect on the muscles, and it also helps to enhance skin health. When used in baths or as a magnesium spray for sleep, the oil helps calm the mind and boost the users' mood."

However, Magnesium sprays are not all made the same - our sprays use magnesium oil for the Zechstein seabed buried 2 miles under the earth's crust making sure it's a pure as it can be. But we also blend ours with just the right amount of other oils as pure magnesium oil can be very itchy on the skin, ours uses a carrier oil mixed with the pure essential oils to make the massage a wonderfully therapeutic experience.

So, if you are struggling to sleep you might want to try our Magnesium spray for sleep to see if it can help you, by getting a better night's sleep naturally.

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